Organizations that execute well, even with a mediocre strategy, will almost
always outperform those with superior strategies and poor operational

The Viable Vision team has been creating innovative solutions since 1980
when we helped pioneer the development of Theory of Constraints (TOC).
Today we leverage TOC and our problem-solving spirit to provide our
clients with simple, focused solutions to their operational challenges.
Novartis- Increased throughput 73% in 7 months, $18 million savings
Innovative Solutions
for Operations
"Execution is the great
unaddressed issue in
the business world

-Larry Bossidy, Ram
Operational execution separates great organizations from the rest
While you may share the same challenges as other organizations, we
understand that your solutions need to meet the unique conditions of
your business and industry. Our depth of experience across industries
and government entities and with all of the major process improvement
methods puts us in a unique position to leverage proven solutions, in
way that uniquely fits your operation. We focus where we have the
deepest expertise:

  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Government
  • Supply Chains